Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Yup...I'm off to the hotel to steal the towels and drink alone...just another productive day in the life of a 1.5L (I'm not sure I'm a 2L until I pass Property and that is an iffy proposition). No blogging for at least tomorrow as I will be flying to Virginia to stay with one of my Air Force buddies for a few days before I start work in D.C. on Monday (Work=Big Scary Knot in the Pit of My Stomach). We are going to see Stomp on Saturday night, and hopefully buying some work clothes since I'm pretty sure my collection of Chuck Taylors (35 pairs and counting) and a pair of pajama pants with cute potbellied, goateed devils on them aren't going to get me through the summer. She even has a real house and two dogs...it will be my reintroduction to life as a human. Where people take care of themselves. And go to work. And have LEISURE time. Weird.

I have yet to register for fall classes since the system today told me I don't have "permission" which I'm pretty sure is what I got by going through not one, but TWO, lotteries to end up in Basic Income Tax and Bankruptcy in the same quarter. It's a shame because I had SOOOOO been looking forward to registering for both of those...

So, back on Thursday probably...be good while I'm gone. Let the dog out more than once a day. Don't prank call that pizza place again...you know how your father hates that. And no boys in the house!

*Chow: Meaning goodbye in Italian if you're the total dumbass in my Torts class who considers yourself very cosmopolitan and yet are unafraid to use "Chow" to close out an email to an entire discussion group. Addveederzane.
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