Thursday, June 10, 2004

Finally...the final final.

15 hours until my last 1L final...the evil and dreaded Property exam. I still have no idea what's going on, but I do have a pretty comprehensive outline (thanks much more responsible friends!!), and barring any pre-exam terrible accidents involving woodchippers or oncoming trucks, the ability to read and look stuff up in the book should I become completely unable to come up with the answer that a reasonable first year law student would give.

It's almost over. It feels weird. There's still SO much to do to get moved out and make the whole cross country summer move thing happen that I almost don't feel like I'm really done tomorrow. But, of course, I'm not going to let that stop me from drinking myself into a stupor. Financial aid can just wait until Monday to get straightened out, and if I don't pack all the stuff I need for the summer it gives me an excuse to shop in D.C. See...aren't I just a ray of positivity? It's unlike me, I know. But the prospect of booze and having an exam-free life for a couple of months after tomorrow has me all giddy inside...the giddiness is buried under the dark circles and caffeine headache and the new all-chocolate-all-the-time diet plan, but it's there.

So, next time I talk to you all I'll be a 2L of sorts...and probably drunk...won't that be fun for all of us? For those of you who read this and are "lucky" enough to be my real-life friends, I would advise you to turn off the cell phones tomorrow night if you're not interested in the inevitable drunk dial (I'm apparently not the only one with this problem either).

A typical drunken voicemail from me usually lasts as long as the phone will let you record before it cuts you off and goes something like this:

"ish me and i wantsh you to know thatsh i loveses you and you are my bestest friensh and i love you forever and if i wasn't a boy i would marry you..i mean if i washn't a girl...i'm a're a girl and i'm a girl and sho we've not to get married but you're still my friend and i loves you!!!!"

What can I say? I'm a class act at all times!
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