Thursday, June 03, 2004

BarBri...Six hours of hellacious video torture, but a small price to pay for not flunking out of law school.

Today I went to a BarBri video review of Property. This is good because I am not so up-to-date on the Property reading, and I don't really understand most of what's going on anyway since our teacher pretty much focused on only 2 things...(1) Sampson Tulee's will, and (2) takings as applied to the Endangered Species Act. If he can find a way to create a fact pattern that involves these two things he will probably spontaneously reach self-actualization and transform directly into a benevolent higher power/energy source. He is a brilliant guy, and he did unintentionally give me the name for this blog, but I'm just not sure I'm prepared to translate everything I know about property through the filter of Sampson Tulee.

So, back to the video. For those of you who have seen the BarBri video for Property...I know you can empathize with me. The woman teaching it SINGS. MC Hammer. Destiny's Child. Dido. And all with a superhardcore Fran Drescher accent. SIX HOURS my friends. All in all though, I'm glad I went...I do love how the videos are nice and linear and just sort of move right down the line in a way that I can focus on, just maybe not for SIX hours for god's sake. They force me to sit in my chair and at least potentially absorb something even if only through let's hope that some easements and covenants and eminent domain made it through my thick skull today.

So anyway...that was today. ConLaw final is Monday, Property is Friday. I turned in my last CrimLaw paper this past Tuesday. Classes are officially over. I still don't feel nearly done, and I'm definitely not feeling the love on outlining and hypo's and review sessions and fretting...the quarter system, with its offering of three sets of finals a year, sucks. I would be burned-out but I don't have time (finding time to blog though...behold the power of procrastination and denial). Tomorrow, it's all ConLaw all day. As my friend at school told me today, Chemerinsky is our new patron saint.

UPDATE: I noticed someone else is on the Chemerinsky bandwagon.
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