Monday, June 28, 2004

If we give into those people, we're giving into all the cute and fuzzy bunnies in the world.

This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life. Simulated dating...where you PAY a woman (or man or whatever) to go on a date with you and then tell you what you did wrong so you can learn to be a better dater. Whatever the hell that is. And the best part?
“We’ve researched carefully what behaviors are more widely appealing to others,” Demarais said. “I could say, ‘Look, you might be quirky and off from the norm, and I like that,’ and so I give you a positive rating. But that wouldn't be as valuable than to say, for example, that this [behavior] is more universally appealing and you're not doing that all the time — are you aware of that? Is that the image you want to project?”

I know I hate it when people portray the image of...uh...their real selves...quirky and offbeat included. I would much rather have a man who's been coached to say all the right things until I decide I can trust him, and that he's who I think he is, then spring it on me that actually he's none of those things...he's just doing stuff his DATING COACH told him to do. You probably think I'm overreacting...and I probably am...but I'm really appalled. Practically every single person I know, myself included, has trouble trusting members of the opposite sex. And not that stupid high school kind of distrust, but the distrust borne of being in a relationship that, when it ended, broke your soul and made you realize that sometimes when someone says they're going to love you forever, they really mean for the next three months and eleven days...not that I'm speaking from experience here.

So...I want all the single people reading this to take a deep breath...that's breathe out...and go try to be yourself. Quirky is good. Irreverent is good. Nerdy is good. Offbeat is good. Funny is good. Fake is not good.
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