Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm baaaaaack

OK...I FINALLY made it back to D.C. today. I ended up having to take the Amtrak, a lovely 4 hour ride ending at Union Station in D.C., which, thankfully, had Diet Coke. I bought four bottles and hightailed it home. The weather is beautiful here today so I can't even complain's gorgeous!

Stomp last night was fabulous. It's an amazing show, very entertaining and MY GOD those dancers are in good shape. Jesus. Then we went dancing and boozing, so got back to my friend's house at 3am, just in time to get up and catch the train at 7am. I will tell you I am WAY too old for this crap.

And, on that happy note, I am exhausted and still have yet to crack the write-on packet open, so I think it's nap time for me right now. I will be back later with scintillating news stories and witty commentary on the day to day happenings of my (obviously) very hip life. Tomorrow is the first day of work (SCARY SCARY SCARY), so I'm sure there will be much to tell after that. I'm off to hydrate and try to cleanse my aura or find my spirit or whatever that crap is that Oprah's always trying to get us to do.
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