Monday, June 07, 2004


ConLaw is officially a thing of the past for me. I successfully translated the two things I was absolutely sure of onto paper, although I am bewildered as to why he didn't include questions about those two things. I'm sure he'll appreciate the effort (and the brevity of my response) though. I cited the casebook as much as possible and threw in a couple blatant ass-kissing remarks though, so we'll just have to hope that keeps me within one standard deviation of the mean.

It's on to Property...otherwise known as "The subject I used to have a class in before I discovered Bejeweled and mentally divorced myself from the learning process." That is, of course, a patently untrue remark meant to be humorous if the Prof ever discovers this blog and reads it. You rock Sir!

I'm off to buy myself ice cream for dinner.
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