Wednesday, June 09, 2004

My nemesis = Property

I have been in the library for almost five hours already studying for my property final on Friday morning. Property is a 2 quarter class here, and thus worth 8 credits. If you really screw up an 8 credit class, that is a bad thing. This is what I have already learned this morning:

1. I can drink three 20oz bottles of Diet Coke in a row before I start to tremble so bad I can't type anymore.
2. Negligent withdrawal is funny. Every. Single. Time.
3. I am the most immature person ever.
4. Undergrads who use the law library to study in during finals are taking their lives into their own hands. I don't care how tight your pink velour J-Lo sweatpants are. Go away.
5. The clickety-clack of a couple hundred people outlining is like law school water slowly drives the nail of insanity further and further into your cerebral cortex until finally you give in to the urge to run from the room screaming "YOU CAN SHOVE THIS SERVITUDE RIGHT UP YOUR ASS!"
6. Snack food is of the utmost importance. Mmmmmm. Snacks.
7. Humpback chub. Heh heh.

OK...I wanted to have 10 things but I've actually had so much caffeine I can't keep my train of thought on the, perhaps later I will come up with three more. But, I wouldn't count on it. Here's what you can count on...I will helping a lot of people out with the curve on Friday.
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