Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sunday Night Sing-a-long

Tonight we went to an Irish bar and listened to a nice man sing some fun songs and I felt like singing because I'm a little drunk and for some reason that brings out the music loving singer in me. It's weird to be having all these "let's go out because I'm leaving and it's an excuse to get drunk nights" when I'm only leaving for a few weeks and coming back in August. I'm used to the Air Force where you have a massive going away party, get totally blitzed, and then move on to your next place...never to return (although unfortunately sometimes you see those people again which is always a little bit awkward and a little bit funny).

I've decided to stay at a hotel on Tuesday until I leave Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure that despite my best "productive" intentions (i.e., law review write-on) I will end up babysitting the mini-bar and watching HBO. I love the idea of lying in bed for a whole day watching T.V. away from school and the phone and everything...I even bought a book and some new nail polish...see, I can be productive!!

Isn't the end of 1L weird? So anticlimactic and yet totally many errands still to do, law review write-on, grades still hanging out there in the ether somewhere. Strange.
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