Saturday, June 12, 2004

The morning after...

Rather like turning 16, I looked in the mirror this morning and didn't LOOK like a 2L...hmmmm...rather unsatisfying don't you think?

I am not feeling all that horrible this morning thanks to (a) Larry's wonderful Pedialyte cure, and (b) sticking with high class booze all night (because I am a high class girl...duh!). On the other hand, I don't feel perfect either and my dad gets here in about 6 hours to help me move my stuff, which entails a lot of him sighing loudly and wondering why I can't pack boxes right and then deciding it's because I'm a girl, and dumb. Sigh. Gonna be a long day. I think I am going to take him to our favorite pizza place for dinner and then maybe to a movie...I'm not sure I've ever had to spend this much time alone with him in a row without my mom, promises to be entertaining.

Lastly, whoever the guy was that I accidentally called at 4am...yeah, I'm sorry about that. Thanks for patiently explaining to me that you were not my best friend M and that no, you weren't hiding her, and no, you weren't lying, and no, you didn't want to talk to me anyway. Oops.
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