Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Studs. Heh heh.

This morning I am waiting for the inspectors to come check out my apartment and then I'm heading out to the hotel that I'm going to stay in tonight so I can work on my law review write-on (read: watch 3 channels of HBO and hit the hotel bar)...I have no hammer anymore so I just spent the better part of my morning trying to pull nails out of the wall with my hands and various other home-spun devices like the "knife and fork nail removers" and the "use another nail for leverage nail remover" and my personal favorite, the "I don't need this highlighter anymore so I'll break it trying to get the nail out of the wall nail remover." There are three still left. I think, despite the fact that when I owned my own home and was hanging things on the wall I couldn't have found a stud to save my life, I actually managed to get three nails here directly into the support beams in a room roughly the size of a Saltines box. Fabulous.
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