Friday, June 25, 2004

1/8 of my summer internship...DONE

So, I am one week into my eight week internship and I have nothing really too interesting to report (at least nothing that's going on the blog). I got a couple of projects yesterday and today...both are pretty run-of-the-mill summer intern fare, I think. The other interns are still wholesome and still from better schools than me. Don't think that's gonna change much...well, I'm gonna work on un-wholesome-ing them, but it could be an exercise in futility. I set up our first group happy hour for next Friday (they needed time to get used to the idea), so we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, it started POURING down rain today just as I got off the Metro, so I walked home in the rain and honestly, I sort of felt like I was back in Thinly Veiled Pacific Northwest Metropolis, and I even missed it just a little...isn't that sick? A girl who goes to my school and lives near here has offered to be my friend and take me out with some of her other friends tomorrow night (hopefully), so maybe that will yield a little something I like to call...A LIFE. I still plan on a dizzying day of consumerism and tourism tomorrow, provided the weather isn't tourist identification uniform is in the wash as I write. So, in synopsis, I've been working for one week and I've learned the following:

1) Cubicles were invented by the Devil right after he retired from his job as head of Financial Aid...thankfully though I get to hear the woman next to me talk about who is going to pick up the birthday cake for her sister's husband's nephew's girlfriend's cousin's birthday party.
2) Beware the human welcome wagon good can come of that.
3) Scary crazy people ride the Metro, except me of course...I'm not scary...or siree.
4) Chinatown has good Chinese food, and the mall has bad Chinese food...go figure.
5) Lifelong foot deformity is a small price to pay for looking taller by wearing pointy-toed high heels.
6) In the face of sheer boredom, I check my email approximately 8,527,831 times per day.
7) There are four places that sell Diet Coke within a five-minute walk from my apartment...thank god.

That's it for week hopefully will be just as "exciting" as this week...if not maybe I'll buy a Chia Pet and report daily on its growth progress or something. Sigh.
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