Sunday, June 13, 2004

Moving Day Part Two

Today my dad showed up at the crack of dawn and helped move all my stuff out. So now I am sitting in my almost totally empty (except for trash and cookies and empty Diet Coke bottles) glorified graduate student dorm room. I have to spend the rest of the day doing the requisite move-out cleaning and whatnot.

I started the day trying to change my address to my new D.C. place and the US Postal Service website has informed me that my new address does not exist. This is troubling considering the amount of money I have given these people. It's like "no, no,'s the third cardboard box to the LEFT...that's right, next to the purple shopping cart." Oh well, guess that will be an adventure for when I get there. Now I only have about 432 things left to do on my list and I'll be ready to leave on Wednesday. Fun.

We are going to see Stepford Wives this afternoon, so maybe that will give me something good to post about later...not that I don't think you are all just as fascinated with my cleaning processes and mail forwarding trauma as I am.
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