Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Adventures in interning AND sightseeing!

Today I took my first Fraggle-ific exploration into the world outside my apartment. I came home early, put on my tourist identification outfit (capris, T-shirt from Brewery in Thinly Veiled Northwest Metropolis, and 1/35th of the Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoe collection...the Blue Hawaiians if you must know), and walked many blocks to Chinatown and Judiciary Square, home of the National Building Museum...which I didn't go into but was a very attractive building (I guess that only seems right...).

In Chinatown I saw a restaurant called New Big Wong. Really. I didn't eat there (no pun intended...well, maybe it was a little bit intended) but I did get chinese food at another place, and it was really, really good...of course that could have been because I was walking around in the heat for like five thousand hours.

Work is going OK. There's not much I can talk about on here. Today I got a kinda-sorta research project that theoretically sounded interesting but in reality is going to be pretty routine I think. Other than that, the interns are VERY low-key. I think perhaps at the end of the summer I will have more to say about them...generally speaking...they are all nice people from (mostly) better schools than me.

Today they played that game at lunch where you try to decide what you would do between two really bad choices. Here's the worst thing they came up with (in an ENTIRE hour of playing...they do this almost every day at lunch):

Would you rather....

Laugh at a funeral or sleep through your graduation from law school.

I can't make this up folks. Like I said, they're really nice people, but I almost don't know what to do with a group this wholesome. I feel sort of internally sinful all the time and I am having to reign in my mouth BIG-TIME. I have yet to hear anyone utter a curse word, and today one of the guys said "butthead" then turned red and immediately apologized and looked like he was going to have a breakdown. I, on the other hand, am like those people who get so proficient in another language that they dream in it...only I dream in four-letter words, beer, dirty jokes, and just general loud obnoxiousness. It's gonna be a long summer!
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