Wednesday, June 30, 2004

God Bless the "B" curve!

Grades came out today. I am officially a 2L and have officially passed Property, which just goes to show you that taping a $100 bill to the back of the exam TOTALLY works! In other good news, I spent almost the whole day at the library reading a book my supervisor told me to read, only to find out it was totally useless and so boring that I kept falling asleep, even after 4 Diet Cokes in about 2 hours (and I mean the 20oz bottles, not those stupid sissy cans).

Work is going OK. I am finding that it doesn't pay to go to a school on the quarter system because when you get to your summer job about 4 weeks later than everyone else most of them have already been assigned the "big/good" projects and most of the lawyers who hand out "big/good" projects have already picked a favorite intern to go to. Also, they gave a bunch of training to the first interns that got here, and me and Mr. Second to the Last to Arrive basically were told "well, sorry...we don't have the time or resources to do that training again." So, we've been relegated to some mundane/tangentially legally related tasks that the other interns have been able to skirt by way of the two points above. But, I'm getting around D.C. pretty effectively now, and my best friend is going to come visit in a couple, all in all, life is OK.

Plus, I didn't fail any here I come International Legal Processes, Basic Income Tax, Law and the Use of Force, and Evidence...Fall Quarter '04. Stay Sweet. Have a great summer. Luv ya 4-eva.
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