Saturday, June 26, 2004

Consumer is my name - Tourism is my game...

Today I went to the Museum of Natural History and the Navy Memorial, and just generally walked all over the place and looked at stuff and bought overpriced postcards and magnets and whatnot. I saw LOADS of sparkly, shiny, diamondy things at the Museum...I want to move in there and just stare at the shinies all day long.

Also, I noticed today that no matter what nationality they are, all kids love to chase pigeons...carriers of germs and plague and pestilence and god only knows what else. Blech.

Lastly, we have these little card things to get into our building, and today I dropped mine down the elevator shaft. I am officially a klutzy dumbass. Seriously, I was trying to put it back in my purse and it slipped out of my hand and fell directly into the little opening between the elevator door and the great beyond. So now I have to get buzzed in and out until Monday when hopefully the little office will be open and I can get a new card...lately I've been dropping stuff A LOT...I hope that isn't a sign of impending nerve disease from the Diet Coke or something.

P.S. If you are someone's totally HOT ex-Cabana-Boy (and yardstick by which all future Cabana Boys will be measured) and you send a picture to that someone "just to say Hi" please make sure that I...I mean that someone...can open said picture. Anything less is torture.
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