Saturday, June 05, 2004


H is for the splitting Headache that will plague me for the next two days
A is for the way I feel -- like Ass
N is for the Night that I can't remember (hey, where'd this bruise come from?)
G is for the Gatorade...that sweet sweet electrolyte filled nectar
O is for the Ongoing suffering that will never ever ever end
V is for the twelve Vodka-sours that I drank (all of which were evil and heinous except for the last one which was purchased by a very cute former Marine)
E is for the Extra-special feeling of complete and abject misery I get whenever I stand up, or move, or breathe, or lay quietly and think about my happy place (sadly, it's a bar...note to self: get new happy place)
R is for feeling wRetched...and rotten.
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