Monday, June 21, 2004

Financial Aid...The UPDATE

So, today I cancelled the portion of my summer loan which (unfortuitously) was going to be disbursed during the year, which, as I stated below, is not when I need it...and reapplied with the correct dates for the same amount. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that it's the same damn amount of money, only with different dates. The school says it's up to the bank whether they want to extend me the credit...IT'S THE SAME DAMN AMOUNT OF MONEY. The bank says the school could just change the disbursement dates...STILL THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. None of them seem willing to help me out, especially the financial aid spokesatan, who basically told me (in a "polite" way) to go eff myself and get out of his hair. By the's the SAME EFFING AMOUNT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I called my parents last night in total hysterics convinced of impending doom and homelessness, and my father, between my sniffled and teary wishes for a Happy Father's Day, said they would send me money and they love me and I shouldn't worry about these things because this is a great opportunity for me and they're so proud that I'm doing well in school and that I got such a wonderful job at a place that is really right for me and I'm such a good daughter and I never have to worry because they'll always be there for me. It made me so happy to realize I come from such good people, I've always been pretty close to them, but this is sort of above and beyond, and I feel so much better just knowing that I won't have to live in a shopping cart or beg for Diet Coke money. Yay for my parents! They rock!
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