Monday, November 01, 2004

It's definitely Monday

I woke up this morning and first thing I heard on the radio was "It's gonna be a cold, rainy, blustery Northwest day" and let me tell you, for once that bastard was right on the money.

Half my row in Family Law didn't show up which meant that I had to talk, and I gave two pretty generic holdings for the case...but, the court had two sections where they said "We hold...blah blah blah..." and I didn't think I was going to get called on so I didn't go any further. THEN some guy in the back raises his hand, says "Not to pick on your holding, don't take this personally, but..." and proceeds to pretty much say it sucked. Listen, don't blame the messenger.

I forgot my power cord which meant, horror of horrors, no internet or IM.

The waiter at lunch was so excruciatingly slow that I ended up missing the first quarter or so of my after-lunch class, so since I walked in REALLY late on Thursday too, I decided to just skip.

I was supposed to have an interview over dinner tomorrow but they called and said they had changed their minds and I should be at their office at 1:30 on Wednesday. My dental appointment to get my two cavities filled was at 2:30 on Wednesday. I've already rescheduled twice because of interviews.

I called to reschedule my dental appointment and the only time they have in the near future is 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. I'm scared to put it off another month since I don't want to end up needing a root canal, so tomorrow at the crack of dawn it is.

I will be standing in line to vote after having my teeth drilled and filled because I didn't change my address in time to get an absentee ballot.

I am going to straight to the couch with a diet coke and the rest of the bag of marshmallows (dentist be damned) and I'm gonna think about what I may have done in a past life to cause this kind of karma.
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