Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hump Day...heh heh.

Today I went downtown for an interview (which went fabulously by the way, except it's a gov't job and I have a bad feeling about whether or not it's paid)...but two different interesting things happened.

Interesting thing #1

Security Guard at Federal Building decides they need to use the wand thingie because I keep setting off the metal detector. So, he starts, and I make a joke about feeling like I'm at the airport and he goes "Well, at least we don't make you take your shoes off." And I go, "Hey, I'm wearing my lucky Diet Coke socks, so I wouldn't even mind. God, I guess that sounds wierd, huh?" And he goes "Well, I'm sure on *you* they look VERY sexy." And I go, "Huh?" The whole thing was so bizarre.

Interesting thing #2

I broke up a fight between a totally insane older man and a young (late teens) man at the bus stop. The old dude came totally unhinged and I thought he was going to attack the kid, and since it didn't look like anyone else was gonna step up, I went ahead and got in between them and used my miraculous powers of negotiation to calm everyone down. Except not. What really happened is the old guy turned on me and started screaming and yelling and threatening. The whole thing was surreal. Thankfully the bus came because I don't think anyone was gonna come to my rescue either.

Anyway, it was a good, if slightly surreal, day. I hope that this job works out, but only if it's paid. I'm not spending another summer in D.C. for free. Nope.
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