Saturday, November 20, 2004

Who me? I'm reading. And studying. Yeah.

So, tonight I went to Rockin' Poncho, via not martha...and I LOVED the blog design so much I had to know more about who did it...and thus was directed even further down the blog road to Moxie Design Studios, where I spent the better part of the evening looking and lusting over blog designs that I can't really afford to buy, but covet nonetheless. And, once there, I started perusing the blogs of some of the women that run the joint, and not only are they really funny, but it made me covet all the more, especially this one. And this one too. I really like the sort of retro-ish look and all the colors, they make me happy. They make me want to drink martinis and do kitschy things, like maybe make fondue or something. I don't know, you get the point. Anyway, if anyone wants to buy me a birthday present, now you know where to go. Either there or Cabana Boys-R-Us. Also, Beefy McManstick Badass Spatula would like a castle and a real plant for his bowl. That will be all for now.
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