Friday, November 12, 2004


Finally some good news on this blog...I was offered and accepted a job today at a government agency, which will, like last summer, remain totally unnamed, although it's not the same place as last summer (thank god). I'm pretty excited and I think that from meeting with them and talking to them in my follow up phone interview, they're going to be cool people and let me do some interesting legal work AND see some cool non-legal stuff related to the work they do. What made them so entirely different from the firm experience(s) I had is that they seemed excited to meet me, enthusiastic to work with me, and interested in me and my background...they asked interesting and intelligent questions in my interview and were straightforward when dealing with me. And that in turn made me interested in THEM, and enthusiastic to work FOR THEM, etc. The only down side, besides the government pay :), is that I will be in D.C. again. Which actually is NOT a downside if I work with cool people who actually like to do stuff* and meet some people who don't spend their entire summer studying and trying to master the Blue Book. Puh-leaze.

And, Scott, I will be expecting that beer! I'll also be looking forward to another lunch with AI!

*By "stuff" I obviously mean "drink"
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