Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Big Trouble in Little China

So, tomorrow I'm off for my one and only big firm San Francisco. I'm not really sure what to expect since I never thought I'd get a second interview and I did very little in way of preparation even for the first one. I mean...I'm going to wear a suit and take a shower* and make sure I have a pen handy, but aside from that, what is really expected of me during something like this? They told me it would last two hours and would involve a mix of partners and associates, and they sent me a helpful pamphlet on email about interview etiquette...which I take either to mean that they remember me in a negative way from the first interview, or that somehow my reputation precedes me. But aside from all that, I have absolutely no real expectations. I printed out a plethora of maps to help me get around the Bay Area with a minimum of drama hopefully. And just to remind me that there is no rest for the wicked, I will be gone, with travel time to and from the airport, from 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. tomorrow and will only spend a total of 5 hours in San Francisco, with 2 of them being in the interview and the rest no doubt being spent wandering aimlessly around the city trying to find my mommy, or at least some directions.

So, I'll be back on Friday. Until then...I don't know, read the archives or something. Or better yet, start outlining for my Family Law class and send me whatever you get done! :)

*UPDATE: Upon further reading, I realize that it is unclear that I will be taking a shower BEFORE I leave in an effort to prettify myself, not taking a shower during the interview in an effort to prove what a fun girl I am. That will become apparent during the "Lapdance/Naughty Nurse" portion of the interview.
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