Monday, November 15, 2004

Survivor: 2L

I'm considering changing the name of the blog from "Will Work For Favorable Dicta" to "Laww Skoole Iz Harrd."

It's 10pm and I just got home from witnessing in my friend's mock trial (cop tonight, weepy cancer stricken girlfriend tomorrow night) (oh yeah, she has a blog too!), plus am in the middle of a revision of a huge evidence paper that is eating all my free time. Throw in my job interview for a research assistant position tomorrow afternoon, reading, other homework, worrying, boozing, eating ice cream, and having panic attacks, and I think I'm just about out of time.

Oh yeah, I'm now the president of the Military Law Association (thanks to my good pal Legal Quandary for nominating was actually pretty funny...Her: "I nominate E. Spat"; Me: "Uh, um, uh...I thought YOU were going to run for President") and I'm the new 2L rep to the Womens Law Caucus Steering Committee. I will soon be running for Supreme Ruler of All Cabana Boys and Queen of the Whole Entire Universe (I'm already Special Assistant In Charge of Hating Stupid People and Feeling Put-Upon).

I need a nap. And soon. The crankiness threatens to overtake my normally cheery personality. And by "cheery" I mean "kind of mean and sarcastic but in a funny way...mostly."
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