Monday, November 29, 2004

Random Musings

- All of my spoons are bent a little bit funny from using them to eat ice cream out of the container. Ben and Jerry owe me new silverware. The reason I know this? Because all my knives are in the dishwasher and so I used a spoon to spread butter on a piece of bread tonight. Yes, I am that lazy.

- Exams start two weeks from today. One class I think I have semi-under-control, one is a TOTAL mess (and has a closed book exam), and one is in the middle (closed note, open book). The closed book exam has a set format, can be any time in history from 1800-present, and has to be "publishable quality"...uh huh.

- I am making coffee cake right now. It smells so good I'm about to pass out. Seriously.

- I am too busy. Further, the next person that tells me I'm "not really busy" I'm just "not managing my time right" is going to get punched right in the throat. That goes double for the next person that tells me that I should get used to it because this is how it is "in the real world." I guess it's POSSIBLE you know more about the "real world" than me, I mean retail can be VERY cutthroat. So much more responsibility than being a military officer in the intelligence community post-9/11. Yeah. SHUT UP.

- Lots of compliments on the red hair today. I still like it even though it's darker than it's been in a long time.

- I don't give a shit about Julia Robert's stupid twins. Honest to god, you would think it's the Second Coming or something with all the attention she's getting. Perhaps it's not clear that women have babies every day...she's not really all that special, unless you count her ability to pick dumb baby names and to have more money than god just for having big horsey teeth and weird newborn deer shaky legs.

- Had peer mentoring today. I trotted out all my best "bad things that happened to me during exams" stories but only like one of the little bastards laughed. That is really irritating. I'm talking one computer crash, one professor only got two of the ten pages and gave me a terrible grade, one room-spinning eye-watering hangover, and three questions on three separate exams where I had to go back and read a chapter in the respective book because I had no freaking clue what the answer was. All anyone wanted to hear about was "outlining" and "making tabs" and "indexing the tabs to the outline." Sheesh.
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