Tuesday, November 23, 2004

When all else fails, blame it on someone else

Matt Lauer is interviewing Ron Artest this morning on The Today Show. I am not at all a basketball fan, but like everyone in America I've seen the footage of the big fight the other day in Detroit. All I have to say about this guy is that I hope it's the blows to the head that he suffered during the fight that are causing his...uh...current difficulties with articulating his point. He compared the fight with the War in Iraq. He also said that he thinks that people watching the fight saw players being attacked by fans and those players fighting back out of frustration. Just in case those two things don't explain away what happened he points out that he and another player have both had deaths in the family recently ("Uh, and yeah man, I had a death in the family too."). Then, the Executive Director of the NBA Union came on and was like "Well, clearly Ron isn't that articulate but I know what he's trying to say" and the proceeded to "interpret" Ron's message into something that was NOTHING like ANYTHING Ron had just said. I mean, not even in the same universe. Artest spent the entire interview trying to be cute since the interview was being simulcast on some kind of stupid morning radio show and trying to promote his new CD. Oh brother.

Anyway, on another, less frustrating note, I hope to have some pictures of Beefy McManstick Badass Spatula up soon...like in the next couple of days.

UPDATE: The NBA Union guy just blamed the fight on the War in Iraq too! What is WRONG with these people? He also said that the NBA and sports in general is a microcosm of the bigger system and the country is polarized and the players are desensitized because of the VIOLENCE THEY SEE ON TV! Are they all FIVE? I must be watching the wrong NBA because I thought they were all grown men making exorbitant amounts of money. Huh...wierd.

UPDATE: mellow-drama gives some commentary on the big fight here and here (this one has a video if you haven't seen it...which I guess means you don't own a TV or you have one that you don't actually turn on since the fight clip is on rapid rotation).
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