Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Hey...guess what? Almost 7 months to the day after starting this little blog I had my 20,000th visitor today -- WOW! I'm kind of shocked and amazed at what a great time I've had writing this blog, and "meeting" (in the most internet sense of the word for the most part) so many readers and other bloggers. I've said often to people that have emailed me that I will probably quit law school before I quit writing this blog, and I think I can still stand by that statement. I don't know exactly WHY other people blog, but I won't lie...a huge part of the reason I do this is because (a) I want to have a forum for getting out my frustrations with this law school experience in a humorous (I hope) voice that I don't always get to express at school, and (b) I have really come to enjoy the interaction of readers leaving comments under posts, or emailing me a link they think is funny...or just emailing me in general to introduce themselves and tell me they read Favorable Dicta and like it. I've been really lucky I guess so far that no one has sent me any hate mail...or maybe it's just that my readers are too overwhelmed with law school to be that motivated in their anger...who knows?

So anyway, leave it to me to make a short thought into a long-winded post, but I wanted to say Thanks!! to everyone for reading Favorable Dicta, and for not sending me any hate mail...and a special thanks to the couple of you that have volunteered to be my Cabana Boys...have your parole officers call me! ;)
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