Sunday, November 07, 2004

Your unwanted and unnecessary Boston Legal update

Dana Delaney was on Boston Legal tonight as a married woman who James Spader has been pining over since they were in college together. Coincidentally, her husband is cheating on her, and after she finds out she decides to go home with a wickedly devious and extremely hot James Spader (later we find out that he didn't eff her, see below). He says something to the effect of "Isn't the press expecting you to make an entrance with your husband, the new mayor of Boston?" And she goes "This is where I get off. Are you coming?" Is it just me or is that dirty?

Also, William Shatner described a class action suit as bringing the firm "golden showers." Heh heh. I don't even want to think about the searches I'm going to get from that.

*Sigh* James Spader is so perfect. He's hot. And so so so so much more...the perfect mix of dry dry humor and a just barely contained beneath the surface dirty dirty mind. And he FINALLY screwed Tara tonight. *Sigh*
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