Sunday, November 14, 2004

Damnit Jim!

Have you ever been locked in a study room for five hours straight trying to synthesize a rule and on the second EFFING page of said rule find out that at least half of it is totally wrong and that even though you have the advisory committee notes right in front of you you STILL screwed it up? And also then realized you have ingested NO non-caffeinated liquid in nearly 72 hours...except booze? And then eaten two cupcakes to make yourself feel better so that you could solidify your position as the foremost poster child for emotional eating?

PS: Last night I spent the evening at an event hosted by someone named "Glamazonia." 'Nuff said.

PS pt 2: Q. Why does my state still follow the Frye standard instead of FRE 702 or Daubert? WHY? A. To make my life a living hell.
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