Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I see London, I see France...I see a bunch of kinda wierd looking underpants.

Is there anything funnier than an entire website devoted to men's underwear? Yes, one called

Behold The Baskit. And The Baskit Energy...which looks to have a little For those of you concerned with safety, but not getting laid enough to invest in hot undies, try the Baskit Urban Bikini with condom pocket.

The Chereskin. Somebody has alternate uses for their sweatsocks...that's all I'm saying. FreshPair says: "This bikini is perfect for athletes and guys who want to impress!"

The Magic Silk G-String. Comes in Black, Cobalt, Golden Cheetah (grrrrr!!), Red, Orange , Purple, and Turquoise. And seems to have minimizing effects judging from the picture. Oh wait, is that bad? Here's what FreshPair says about the Magic Silk G-String:

The stretchy, silk pouch covers vital areas and not much more! Brave and bold this skimpy g-string doesn't leave much to the imagination. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to suit your every mood. Purple is not available until late september. Orange and turquoise available in November.

It boggles the mind why Purple is only available in the winter and Orange isn't available until well after October, when one would think the need would be greatest. What if the manwhore buying this particular g-string is an Autumn? Guess he'll have to go for Golden Cheetah.

Magic Silk also makes a Chartreuse G-String Pouch. Which this guy is wearing well, even though the "pouch" is barely big enough for a pair of my earrings. And in case it's not clear, by "well" I mean "sadly not filling."

The C-IN 2 Lo No Show. "this trunk features a non-functional contour pouch with a single center seam and is cut to accentuate the lower abdomen and bottom. The sides measure 7.5 inches from the top of the waistband to the top of the front leg seam. " I'm glad I know exactly how long these are in inches. I'm just saying. It's like having a ruler. "Put the underwear on. QUIT ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS AND PUT ON THE DAMN PANTIES. I'm trying to check something."

The Munsingwear Full Rise Comfort Pouch Brief. I thought they only made training *bras*...but apparently no. It does however have "a 2-exit fly for right or left preference." Boys love choices.

I could go on and on all night, but I'll end with a classic. The Calvin Klein Boxer Brief...normally a personal fave of mine...but kind of strange looking on a male model that's basically doing the man equivalent of sticking out his chest. Only not his chest. You know.

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