Saturday, November 20, 2004

These are the moments of my life.

I went to the birthday party of my good friend's boyfriend last night and it was really fun...the parts I remember anyway. It was at one of those adult Chuck E. Cheese kind of places, and right after we got there an employee ran over my foot with a loaded handtruck -- so we got $14 in tokens for the games, which my friend and I blew on the world's longest game of Area 51. Strange to think that my foot getting smashed is only worth $14, but whatever. Aside from all of that, I had a really good time and I'm glad I forced myself to get out of the house and have some social interaction that didn't involve whispering over the table at the library. Strangely too, I don't remember like half the night but I'm not the least bit hungover today...not that I'm complaining, at least about the hangover part. The not remembering part is fine by me, I would implore my friends to just let that stand...I don't need to know the finer details of how obnoxious I was last night, thanks!

So, today is all day at school, tomorrow is all day at school...guess the fun part of the weekend is officially over.

PS: You might have noticed that my images are down. I've been a very naw-ty girl and got spanked by my image hosting service, so they should be back up tomorrow I think. If not, I'm getting a new service.

PS pt. 2: I just remembered that with some of the $14 in tokens my friend and I and her really good friend tried to play a driving game and I crashed my car into the wall like 14 times and lost my four tokens or whatever it cost in about 1 minute...I was so drunk. Good think I don't have a car I guess, it doesn't seem like I'd be one of those people that could drive drunk and get away with it.

PS pt. 3: I have a great story to tell you but I have to get some work done, so maybe later. It involves me being just as dippy as ever for your entertainment.

PS pt. 4: I have a tiny little bit of a crush on the boy who works at the pizza place across from the school...he's probably WAY younger than me, and has dreadlocks, which is DEFINITELY not my thing at all, but still, for some reason he just has Cabana Boy written all over him. Crushes are nice...and I justify an awful lot of pizza these days going over there just to take a look and sigh.
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