Thursday, November 04, 2004

Choices. And Decisions. And more choices.

Current Crisis:

Fly to gigantic west coast city, paying for half the ticket, to participate in second interview for gigantic BIGLAW firm?

WHY does a firm that, if I get hired, will pay me probably $10K a month over the summer, not pay for my ENTIRE ticket to fly out there?

Is there any polite way to ask said firm how many people they're interviewing vs. how many will be hired?

If OTHER second interview goes well, and I get offer at neato big time government job, where there is a possibility that I will be allowed to go look at guns and stuff getting blown up, is it better to work summer for BIGLAW firm where I may get a post-law-school offer, or at government firm where I almost certainly will not get post-law-school offer seeing as how they don't normally hire right out of law school type people?

Did I mention getting to be around guns and stuff? And boys with guns! My weakness.

Downside to neato government type job? In D.C. again. Upside to neato government job? The interviewers were cool as hell.

I'm internally conflicted on how hard I want to pursue BIGLAW firm job. However, I will say that, IF I was going to take a firm job, this is the place I would go.

*Sigh* How come these things never solve themselves before it's time for me to spend money?
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