Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Down to the Banana Republic

In an update to my earlier post regarding "latin bananas" I am now getting further into the banana debacle and wanted to let you in on these fascinating tidbits.

"In January 1994 the second panel issued its report (Bananas II)..."

"In March 1994, the EC and four of the complaining parties negotiated the so-called 'Bananas Agreement.'"

"In September, the United States announced that it, along with Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, would challenge the EC banana regime in the new WTO. This became known as the Bananas III dispute."

Just so we're clear, what we have here is:

Latin Bananas
Bananas II
The Banana Agreement
Bananas III (The Dispute)

Also, they all star Herbie the Love Bug, Burt Reynolds, an orangutan wearing diapers and a bonnet, a cyborg, and Jennifer Lopez.
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