Saturday, May 28, 2005

A little town with BIG guns.

Here in Smalltownvilleburg, USA, the fact that it's Memorial Day weekend means it's time for the semi-annual Fully Automatic Machine Gun Fun Shoot. I told you about this last year, but in case you still didn't believe me, this year I took a picture.

The Memorial Day festivities include a host of river-based activities...we live directly on a beautiful river with Cat. III, IV, and IV+ whitewater rapids, as well as the usual community type activities like dances, 4-H stuff, street fairs and "fun" things like face-painting and rooster-calling and whatnot. Unfortunately, today we are having monster thunderstorms...last night we had hail the size of gumballs...all the better to dent my rented with no extra insurance car. Anyhow, hopefully the rain will stop soon so the townfolk can get their party on.

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