Saturday, May 21, 2005

Yeah, I'm drunk what? Wanna fight?

I went to three separate bars tonight. One with some law school people, one transitional bar, and one for a good friend's birthday party. At the transitional bar, an Australian place, who in the audience is surprised to learn a guy with a girlfriend put the total moves on me? Wait, raise your hands so I can one, seriously?

Then, this dude's Australian friend (no offense THL) goes "Well, if it makes you feel better, if I didn't have a girlfriend too I would TOTALLY sleep with you!"

Actually...NO...that does not really make me feel better, but thanks anyway.


I commented to my friend on the way home that I should open a private investigation office where I scope out men to see if they're cheating on their girlfriends or wives or whatever...I mean, it's like, if I even walk NEAR a bar, men are almost compelled to come out to the sidewalk and hit on me and then admit they already have someone in their lives. What the hell?

UPDATE: I know you were all wondering, and YES, I was wearing my pink flower embroidered cowboy boots that MAY POSSIBLY explain the plethora of male attention. Mostly it seemed like it confused people, but hey, whatever.
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