Sunday, May 01, 2005

Don't mess with my Diet Coke.

I have been so ridiculously productive this morning, it's kind of sick.

I cleaned the Beefster's tank.
I did the dishes.
I have four loads of laundry in process.
I cleaned the kitchen.
I went grocery shopping.
I dusted.

I rock. But, the whole point of this post is that, while at the grocery store, I noticed they were selling Diet Coke with Splenda (instead of aspartame). So I bought one. As pretty much the Queen of all things Diet Coke I feel qualified to comment on this.

It's OK. There is a really weird sweet aftertaste. It doesn't taste like the Diet Coke I'm used to, and since I'm an addict, that might be a problem, but it's not terrible I guess. I think it tastes more like regular Coke, except the weird aftertaste. But, for me, the whole point of Diet Coke (besides the Diet part) is that it DOESN'T taste like regular, not sure this is an improvement for me.

I guess in the sense that it keeps the dirty aspartame out of your brain and nervous system it might be the better choice, but tastewise, I think I'll risk it with the aspartame laced Original Diet Coke.
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