Friday, May 27, 2005


No Friday Spies today...maybe there will be Saturday Spies instead, or Monday Spies.

It's a beautiful day here, I'm going hiking in the mountains and then doing errands with my mom. We were going to go see Star Wars, but it's too pretty...we're going to go tomorrow instead.

I wonder sometimes how long I could quit blogging and still have people come back. A week? A month? I like blogging, and I love all the people I've gotten to know behind the scenes (well, almost all), but, today I thought about just quitting. No final farewell. No "goodbye, you've all been great" post. No "woe is me, I'm leaving for my own reasons that are mysterious and therefore all the more interesting" post. Just, never coming back. Weird huh?

I decided I didn't want to do that, so I will be back. But not until at least tomorrow.
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