Monday, May 23, 2005

The ratio of people to cake is too big.

Did anyone else see Tom Cruise on Oprah today? Ummmm...coming from a whole entire family line of manic depressives, I feel qualified to say that he seems a little manic. There's "happy" and "in love" and then there's "I am a screaming ball of roiling craziness." As we would say in the military, Tom was pinging. It was funny, but more funny-scary than funny-haha.

CHANGING TOPICS: My legs are so sore. WAH! Holy was a beautiful day and I got to walk down by the beach, and it was fun, but oh my God...I'm not sure my poor legs are going to forgive me anytime soon. I drank a Diet Coke at 8pm with my microwave lasagna (yes, I really am that pathetic), and I still KNOW I am going to sleep like a baby. A baby who dreams about the hot Marine she saw running in his short shorts today. Yummy.
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