Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We can't handle the truth...

Just saw Whorebag Federline-Spears on TV trying to talk up her new show...she says the "funniest parts" are when she's "disillusional." I think that kinda speaks for itself.

UPDATE: The funniest part, in the ten minutes I bothered to watch, was the fifteen times B. Spears told EVERYONE, and I mean every-damn-one, how many times she'd had sex that day and how awesome the sex was. I don't think there was anyone that she met that she didn't assault with her "story." "Guess what ya'll? I had sex THREE TIMES TODAY! Three times! And it was great ya'll!" At one point she asks, on camera, if Kevvie-poo wants to "stay home and f*ck all day." Yeah, it's so awesome that this personal testament to the dignity of your love could be put on TV for all of America, and also your MOM and DAD to see. Classy.
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