Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why can't they just give me my money and go away?

I got an email from Financial Aid telling me they got my "new" FAFSA, but before they'll process it they want me to fill out all these forms that are basically an audit of the year 2004. All the money I received, and all the money I spent. You should see this form, it's ridiculous...who remembers (or keeps track) of all the money they spent in a year? I can figure out the money that went out for fixed expenses, and major stuff...but everything else, puh-leaze.

I read somewhere that Dept. of Education "audits" 30% of the FAFSA's that come up with Estimated Family Contributions of $0 every year at random...I guess maybe that's what this is since the notice came about 2 minutes after the notice from my school that they'd received my FAFSA.

Have any of you ever had to do one of these?

Also, I checked my financial aid "balance" today while trying to figure out these forms...$49K so far, one year left to go...probably hit $80-90K once it's all said and done and the bar is taken, etc (plus my credit card debt which is basically out of this world thanks to two ex-husbands and a lot of bad choices in my early and mid-twenties). This is the first time I have seriously felt freaked out about spending all this money and potentially not getting a job.
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