Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The final countdown...

My first exam is one week from tomorrow...time to start getting serious...BOO! My last two are June 6 and 7, and then...OFF TO D.C.!!!

I haven't bought a plane ticket yet, because, well, I'm lazy. And poor. But, and consider this an open call, I start work that next week (June 13th) and will be in D.C. until mid-August (or so).'s time for the second annual "Let's Meet and DRINK BEER" summer festival. Last summer I only got to meet one person, AmbImb, and unfortunately not until right before I left...but, it was great to put a face with the name and we had a fun lunch together.

This summer my job seems like it's going to be totally fun...they already arranged to take us to a baseball game and some other fun field trips that I can't talk about or it'll totally give away where I'm working, but trust me, SO AWESOME!

So, I'm counting on my D.C. area readers to not let me go through another boring summer chatting on IM with friends back here instead of being out drinking and ogling boys in suits...don't let me down!
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