Sunday, May 15, 2005


Today I have done laundry, cleaned up my apartment, written a HUGE rant about law school that I may or may not post sometime in the future, read a little bit of the romance novel I'm in the middle of, emailed people, checked my site statistics to see how many people have been here today (only 84 so far), eaten Cocoa Krispies, drank 2 Diet Cokes, cleaned out my scented oil burner, fed the fish, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and taken out the trash.

I have not opened my Law and Terrorism materials as yet. I also have a SHITLOAD of Admin reading to do. Yeah. Why can't I just force myself to do this?

I am not making an outline for L&T, I'm just rereading the course materials (about 1000 pages) and trying to figure out where the material is for each of the main subjects (Material Witness Warrants, Detention, Habeas, Torture, Rendition, Tribunals) and what the cases are for each of those subjects (when there are cases....sometimes it's just a New York Times article or whatever). It's a nebulous class with no real structure so I'm hoping that once I see the question I'll have a chance to sort of thumb through the materials and refresh my memory. The lack of definitive legal boundaries in this area means that any question he asks is going to have to be mostly policy...and I feel like that won't be too bad.

At any rate, I still have some procrastination measures up my sleeve...gotta go grocery shopping and for my walk (if it quits raining). One day I'll magically turn into one of those people who does stuff ahead of time and is always organized and on top of all their tasks and whatnot. I just know it.
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