Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lazy days...

It is SOOOOO beautiful here today, right this minute. What makes this so awesome is that when I went out for my walk today I got totally rained on...and not just a light sprinkle...torrential downpour type rain. As soon as I came home and had nowhere else outside to go, the sky got blue, the sun came out and all of the sudden it was spring again.

I have SO much Admin reading to do tonight...I'm not sure why I wasted the whole weekend just drinking and hanging around on the couch, I think I have the end of the year doldrums or something. There's really nothing like thinking about the fact that your THIRD set of finals is coming up. FUN!

I am looking forward to heading home for Memorial Day. I hope the nice weather holds up -- so much nicer driving through the mountains without the pouring down rain and gale force winds. I'm heading out Thursday and coming home Monday....a nice long weekend which unfortunately will have to be at least partially spent reading and outlining. But, oh well, better than nothing, right?

I still have to figure out what kind of clothes to buy for the summer internship, guess I'll go shopping after exams but before I leave. I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the Beefster for the summer...he needs a home and so far no one is seeming like they're going to jump on babysitting duty, so guess I'll be putting some thought into that in the next couple weeks. Poor little guy...he must feel so unloved!
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