Friday, May 20, 2005


I'm laying on my couch, enjoying my post-exam stupor, and on TV is the new Shakira video for a song called "La Tortura."

In the video she first dances around dripping in what looks like motor oil. Then she cuts an onion and cries. Then she holds a tomato and when her lover comes up behind her and begins to, know...she looks confused and squeezes the tomato until it breaks open. Then she dances in the motor oil some more and does a lot of pelvic gyration. Then her and the guy stare at each other through their apartment windows while his wife (or girlfriend) sleeps.

I don't get it. Does he fantasize about her dancing covered in motor oil? That's weird. I'm very, very confused. Kids these days and their music, I'll tell you, I don't understand it!
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