Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Apathy with a capital C-L-E-R-K-S-H-I-P

Here's the thing about clerkships...

I have to decide to apply by, well, next week. I have to turn in some kind of form to the Career Services Office'O'Doom and tell them who my faculty recommendations would come from, if I was indeed going to try for a clerkship.

Then, I have to get every piece of paper I fill out and every decision I make coordinated and rubber stamped by CSO throughout this entire process.

While looking over the faculty rec form, here's what I learned.

If I don't have stellar grades (check!) I shoud emphasize my Moot Court, Clinic, or Law Review/Journal experiences (uh....). I should also emphasize my relevant law school experiences ( clerks play a lot of Bejeweled? ok....what about drinking? I can drink like nobody's business!).

And, pretty much right there is where I stalled out. I don't want to think about this until after exams...who schedules all this shit right in the middle of exam period? Oh yeah, people on the quarter system, that's who. I don't even think there are three faculty members who would write me a letter, or who know me well enough to. Why can't I just get excited about this...I think it would be pretty fun at a trial-level court, but I just can't bring myself to get on the ball. What's wrong with me?
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