Monday, May 16, 2005

I am Article 1

Today when I walked into Admin my name was on the board. First. My job was to be Article 1. Some other person was Article 2 and yet another was, you guessed it folks, Article 3. While I fumbled through my backpack for my handy pocket Constitution so I could figure out which one was Article 1, Prof Admin starts asking me a few warm-up questions.

PA: "Ms. Spatula, which section of Article 1 would you like to be?"
Me: "Uhhhh....ummmmmm..."
Girl next to me shoves pocket Constitution in my face and suggests I be Section 1.
PA: "Well?"
Me: "Ummm...she says I should be Section 1, looks good to's only one sentence, I can handle that."
PA: "I see."

After we get through this painful exercise Prof. Admin moves on to my next task (he's eternally optimistic obviously).

PA: "Ms. Spatula, why is the Executive even concerned with what's happening with this Agency?"
Me: "Well, ummmmm, you know, uhhhh...agencies are just kind of the President's 'thing', you know?"
....class me, not with me....
PA: "No, are absolutely right, I like it...agencies are the President's thing. Indeed!"

After this it got a little better. I never did figure out why I was Article 1 or what I was supposed to be doing. I had done the reading so I basically just rambled after every question with the hope that I was hitting the high points. I honestly feel like I set the tone for the class though, because another guy got called on and started flipping through his book looking for the answer and Prof. Admin goes "Don't bother, you won't find the answer in the book", and the student goes "I know, I'm stalling." The professor just laughed and said "You guys can just TELL me you need a minute to think! Geez!"

Anyway, now I must get busy reading the 40 pages for tomorrow, GOD FORBID I get called on two days in a row, and then on to Law and Terrorism...still trying to mentally convince myself there's an actual exam in less than three days.
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