Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday stories.

Today I had to write my "appeal" to the Office of Satanic Peckerheads Student Financial Aid, begging them to please give me some money next year even though I suck, or in the alternative, the Dept. of Education sucks. Basically I pushed the "This was my responsibility and I know I effed it up but I did do X, Y, and Z which show I at least tried and please don't penalize me because I'm very, very, very sorry and it will never happen again, and also it wasn't my fault."

Of course, it will never happen again because this is the last year I need financial aid, but, why point that out.

Here are some other awesome things I saw and did today.

On the bus on the way home from school I sat behind a paranoid schizophrenic (how do you like that armchair diagnosis?). He was talking to himself LOUDLY, partially in English and partially in some other sounded like what Martians would speak if they prepared for their visit to Earth by using "Learn Greek in 20 Days" tapes that had been sitting on the front seat of a Camaro for five days in July in Texas.

Anyhow, this guy had one of those distance things that people who golf use to see how far the flag is (or how far their ball goes, or whatever the hell they use those things for). He would hold it up to his eye, sort of make a clicking motion like he was taking a picture of the person or thing he was aiming at, then examine it, I guess to look at the "picture." Then he would go "There's NO NEED TO STEAL! GHIOUD HDOOIN HDING MDUGHG!!!!" It was quite bizarre. He was also doing something with a bunch of newspapers, but I didn't want to get close enough to see what...kind of looked like he was storing them in certain pockets and places in his bag according to either the pictures, or the words, or maybe what the voices were telling him. Who knows?

I also went to Target today because I have scratches on my glasses. The ones I just bought. The ones I paid extra to get a no-scratch coating on. As it turns out, they're not scratches, there's a defect in the anti-reflective glaze and so it's peeling off (or something like that). So, they're redoing them. The boy that works there is kind of cute.

Last but not least, I rented a car for the weekend and I'm driving home on Thursday night to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. She is going to be so SHOCKED! I called my dad today and told him I wanted to do it, and he was all for it. It'll be so fun to see the look on her face when I roll in Thursday night. I'm going to have to skip a class, but I'm pretty sure the professor won't mind.
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