Friday, May 06, 2005

Hand me that wrech, wouldja?

This is what I'm hearing from the kitchen:

Mom: "Honey, we can just call Sears and they'll come look at it."
Dad: "I can do this myself. Hold the flashlight so I can see the drain. Sears will charge $65 an hour to come out here."
Mom: "Well, the whole point of buying such a nice dishwasher is that it has a great service warranty. I have the book right here."
Dad: "I don't need the book, I need you to hold the flashlight and actually point it INTO the dishwasher."
Mom: "I bet they could be here in an hour. They could definitely get here today."
Dad: "What is this? FLASHLIGHT. PLEASE."
Mom: "What is what?"
Dad: "Did you put a PLASTIC BAG in the dishwasher?"

I am keeping an eye on this situation, and I'll let you know later why my mom may or may not have put a plastic bag in the dishwasher, thus clogging up the drain, and causing the Great Spatula Flood of '05.

I am still working on Friday Spies. Hard to get computer time without looking suspicious (secret blogging is HARD!).
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