Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I flipped on the TV just now and there's some show on the Food TV channel where the woman is making "kid friendly food." So far she's made little baby hotdogs baked in this cheese bread stuff, homemade fish-sticks, some kinda punch stuff...after the commercial she's making cupcakes.

I feel kind of bad at how into this menu I am. I honestly feel like it's not a problem that I'm 30 years old and I want to only eat snack foods and things that can be served on toothpicks.

On a totally different subject, today in Law and Terrorism I think we made the professor feel a little bit...frustrated.

He poses this hypothetical "So, people, if you're in France and you're walking down the street in France and someone just comes up to you and says 'I hate Americans' and punches you in the face, can you get personal jurisdiction over that person to sue them in the United States?"

20 blank stares. 20 quiet, quiet people. This is after a two-hour long class where we had all been thoroughly confused about a lot of things, including the ability of the US to reach out and touch people in other countries for actions abroad that are crimes in the US.

Finally, after a couple of minutes of total silences he throws up his hands and goes "NO! NO NO NO! Obviously NO! My GOD, NO!"

So, someone in class (during a different part of the class) brings up the Piper Aircraft case (but not in regards to forum non conveniens) and the Prof is like "Well, no. But at least you brought up a case that was actually taught in CivPro. You get points for it being from the right class at least."

It was so funny. Poor guy. He teaches 1L CivPro and I think he's horrified by how confused we are and how much we've already forgotten (or that no one wants to raise their hand and admit how much they've forgotten).

Anyway, I have to go watch the cupcake segment. I heart cupcakes. Ask LQ.
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