Monday, May 30, 2005

Back. Tired.

In case you care, I'm home. I'm tired. I have a group project to finish, get done,'s due tomorrow and was assigned one minute before class got out Thursday for the long weekend. LQ describes accurately where we're at with that.

I spent a LONG time in the car today...people are morons and suck and shouldn't be allowed to drive. Except me, because I'm awesome and a good driver and know how to merge and use my turn signal.

Anyway, I have to go get some work done...the quarter of "not keeping up" is now catching up with me and exams start a week from tomorrow. That's the THIRD set of exams this year for those of you keeping track.

PS: On a TV show right now is a married couple with a house done all in leopard print and a HUGE pic of Kurt Cobain on their living room wall...their daughter's name is Nirvana. Really. Maybe B. Spears is watching...I bet she's looking for awesome baby name ideas.
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