Friday, May 06, 2005

Trip down memory lane.

As I mentioned at some point (or maybe I didn't, who can remember), I am considering selling my engagement/wedding rings since they just sit around and collect dust, and they're probably worth about $4K or so. I don't have any of the information, and appraisals are expensive, so, since my ex (#2) and I are still friends I asked him if still knew where he bought the rings so I could call and see if they had any paperwork on file. He wrote me back tonight and it was really weird.

In my email I told him I felt strange and self-concious for asking, but we've been divorced for over three years, and there's no animosity between us really, so I just decided to ask. He said that I shouldn't feel bad and he totally understood and that he'll always consider me family and wish me well. He also said his wife has recently gone through two miscarriages. That makes me really sad. He was kind of a crappy husband, but I always thought he'd be a good dad...the fun kind that really gets into it. He was a really good dog dad, except for the whole "no discipline" thing...but I guess by now he's probably a little more mature.

Anyway, it's just strange to talk to him about something so central to who we were as a couple...The Ring. Usually we only talk a few times a year about how our dog is doing or how law school or his career are going.

He doesn't remember where he got the ring, so guess I'll have to have it appraised. But I wished him good luck on the baby thing and I really meant it. So different than my first husband...a guy who's basically totally evil and yet seems willing and able to procreate at the drop of a hat. I hope it works out for Ex#2 and the new wife, he seems happy. Even though he told me about it in the cruelest way possible when he got engaged ("I wanted to let you know I'm engaged and getting married. I guess I never understood before what real love is"), I'm just glad he figured it out. I'm glad he has the capacity to figure it out.

Sad that I still haven't figured my shit out, and in fact have reverted back to a way of life I thought I was through with 8 years ago. I thought I'd have kids by now. And a dog. And a picket fence and backyard with a barbeque and a husband in a golf shirt telling stupid jokes and winking at me. The American Dream, right?
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